As an intern for Shatterglass Studios, I was lucky to receive hands-on experience in commercial, documentary and feature-length filming. Not only was I able to act as production assistant for various shoots, I was also able to take on editing projects of my own.

Smile Healthy

Smile Healthy’s annual probono dental cleaning event. This video was used to promote the event to potential backers. I edited and executed post-production prodcedures for this final version under the supervision of the head editor of Shatterglass Studios.

You’re Welcome CU

“You’re Welcome CU” is a Campaign video promoting tourism for the Champaign-Urbana area. My role on this two-day intensive shoot was production assistant for under the  Director of Photography.  My biggest role was to work with the DP to create and ensure the best possible shots. Later on, I created the rough cut of this video with guidance from the head editor of Shatterglass.

SIU Educational Video

Southern Illinois University School of Medicine contracted Shatterglass Studios to edit dozens of videos to integrate into their curriculum. We were given hours of multi-camera footage to edit, sound mix, and color correct. Although I worked on several videos, here’s a sample.

Engineering Expo

Promotional video for University of Illinois’ Engineering Employment Expo. I worked as crew under Director of Photography, assisting with transportation, management of extras, and equipment maintenance.