Personal Projects

Apparel Design

Greek Life Application designs

Sorority Inspired tank tops designed in Adobe Illustrator. As a part of applying to be a graphic designer for the apparel company, Greek Life, I was given instruction to adapt pre-existing shirts into new designs.

Soft Hands

Tank 5tank 12Tank 14Tank 10Tank 2Tank 8

Created in Adobe Illustrator. I was commissioned to do shirt designs for a fictitious punk band. The commissioner gave me some ideas about the band’s branding and requested some design elements (such as the incorporation of eggs in one design).

Fictional Movie Posters

Made using Adobe Photoshop, these posters are based on short stories created by friends in order to emulate the tone and particularly striking moments of their stories. Used primarily for promotional purposes but also in homage to the authors’ works.

Playlist Covers


Digital Art

mermaidnursey flower crowngoose and perry at a punk showK & P pool